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Flat Rock Elementary

Dekalb County Schools


Mission Statement

Flat Rock is dedicated to partnering with parents and all stakeholders to provide students with an education that will enable them to be successful in today's complex society and be critical thinkers.


Flat Rock is committed to maintaining high expectations and providing an environment conducive to learning in which all students can maximize their potential and compete in the global academic arena.         

Value Statements

(1) Engage stakeholders in the educational process.
(2) Provides student focused and individualized instruction in a safe environment.
(3) Create a rigorous learning environment.
(4) Establish a community of learners.
(5) Hold high expectations for ALL.

Creed and Motto

As a Flat Rock Buck, each day I pledge: To have a positive attitude, To become a rising star, To maintain self-control, To respect myself, adults, peers and school, To achieve academic excellence, and To be dedicated to Flat Rock Elementary School.
                                     "Scholars Destined For Greatness"